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Seriously, what's up with this new zombie movie coming out? A fucking zombie love story? Are you fucking serious? It's like fucking Twilight all over again. And that shit just ended with the movies, and I pray to God or whichever other being out there nothing more comes out of it. (Especially the movies)

A zombie falling in love with a human girl, and "learning to be human again." No no no no.

That's not how zombies work! They're mindless monsters that eat human flesh and don't fall in love they want your fucking brain dammit. Just like how vampires don't ~sparkle~ in the sun they fucking burn.

And even in this "paranormal romance," you could say, I suppose, why is it that the monster is the male? Why can't the female ever be the cool zombie out to eat human flesh? Or the vampire that should be wanting to suck human blood and should have the cool allure and super strength and immortality? Or even the werewolf? For the love of god why can't they're be a werewolf? (One I actually like; looking at you blood and chocolate)

No it's always the guy that's the "cold, apathetic monster" that is somehow warmed by this precious human thing, this female human, who brings out the ~love~ in him because she's ~different~.

I just want a gore-fest-story with the zombies and vampires and werewolves and not a fucking love story with a female monster and frankly, no romance, unless one of them or both dies. GIVE ME THE TRAGIC STORY.
So I've been on Netflix lately, either using the boyfriend's netflix watching stuff by myself or at my friend's apartment where I usually just watch anime with them, and I've discovered a few shows I want to watch, or are watching.

First off; The Walking Dead. I saw all of season 1 on Netflix and then caught up with the show every Sunday night on TV. This show. It breaks my heart. Why did he-who-I-shall-not-name have to die in Season two?!!!

Then I started re-watching Danny Phantom. I just felt like this. I like this show.

I also watched all of Clannad. That anime. It lied to me, thinking it was all cute and such...then the ending pulls this crap on me?

Eden of the East, an anime that you have to pay attention to, unlike Keniichi, all watched with my friends.

I also saw all of How I met your Mother on Netlfix with the man-buddy. Barney, he's so funny~

After watching all of that, well, I'm not rewatching Avatar: the Last Airbender with the man-buddy because he never saw it and I'm just excited for The Legend of Korra! So, why not re-watch all of what started this? Season 3 is the best for me, especially all the Zuko bonding episodes!

Then, I got into Supernatural, which I'm currently watching and getting really into, and that's six seasons. Then they have Heroes....which I never got to watch. Yeah, my life will be in front of this computer for awhile. I can't even really focus on reading my book or leveling up in Tales of Graces (which I don't really want to...that's about 4 hours of mindless fighting while I level up to 60.)
Okay so I'm having a videogame dilemma...again.

Same old problems, too many videogames to play and I don't know which to focus on.


Which to play?
I'm currently playing Mass Effect 3 and it's fun! I'm romancing Garrus but now I want to romance Kaiden too. So, first Garrus then I have to replay Mass Effect 2 and stay faithful to Kaiden and re-do all that, but that'll have to wait for the summer when I (hope) I'll have to time wither away in my darkened room for hours on end without being disturbed.

Plus, I still have so many other games I need to play. Infamous, Batman, Tales of Graces, God of War, Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and a lot of others I need to complete that'll take me forever.

Man, after Mass effect 3 I'm going to play Tales of Graces. I still need to beat Tales of Vesperia and Eternia.




As well as Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time!! When I think about it I get a big smile on my face BECAUSE I FINALLY HAVE ONE. i don't want to take this for granted! :D
How come when I finally decide to apply for jobs online all ther servers have "errors"? oh well, I'll try again later today. Sigh.


I checked my test grade for Biology and quiz grade for Anthropology. Bio: 74%. the average for the class was 60% so the teacher raised the grade up by 10%. I actually studied for this too but got confused from the way she asked the questions, plus I forgot to do a quiz Thursday online since I was preoccupied writing a speech for my speech class.

Anthropology: I'm getting an 80%. Why? One quiz A, the other C, and I have a midterm the 24th this month, and another Bio midterm the 25th.

And a world religions midterm Tuesday.

i feel dumb for this especially when I study then still do bad? I mean really I already did Bio in tenth grade and got a B man I'm going to go sulk in a corner until I get my flashcards when I go back tomorrow



i really want some strawberries.

Writer's Block: Friends 4 ever

Do you have a best friend? How old is your friendship?

Uh since about fourth grade so...how old are you on fourth grade? 10? Okay, so about nine years now. If you count the first time i met her then...15 years.

Captain America

Finally saw it with my friend Eddie. It was good! I ALSO GOT GOD OF WAR THREE

I got home just an hour ago from city walk and am tired. I feel like playing Jade Empire but -- I'm tired! I have some free time tomorrow I'll do it then.